The children

Everything for the children
To get to Good Hope Village it is a requirement that the child is an orphan, ie that you have neither mother nor father in life. Unfortunately, we have to refuse any children whose parents cannot afford schooling or food for their children. Of course, this is tragic and very difficult for us when we see the tremendous need, but still we have to insist on our children being orphaned to come here.
Therefore, our motto is, "Be a good neighbor." We are concerned with the overall development of the orphan child. This is well articulated in our mission taken from the book of Exodus 2: 9 which says "take this child and breastfeed it for me, and I will give you your wages." Our greatest joy and reward is to see a happy smile on the faces of the children who are under our care. communities that support, love and care for needy children.
Good Hope Village

New everyday life

Most kids come from miserable conditions we can't imagine. The children have a hope for a new future. A life that lay in ruin after the parents died is now slowly but surely restored.