Våre sponsorer

Our sponsors

Ryggraden i vårt arbeid
Our sponsors, among them several companies, are the main pillar of support for Good Hope, and our work would be impossible without them. As the children’s home and the village expand, the need for more sponsors grows. The orphanage is running at less than full capacity, and more children could be admitted if we had sufficient support. We respectfully ask if you would like to become a part of Good Hope and its mission by contributing to our work. As a monthly donor, you would help to ensure the continued operation of the orphanage and the expansion of Good Hope village. In return, regular sponsors receive updates from Good Hope every six months. Make sure to follow us on our Facebook page GoodHopeVillage for weekly updates about the daily life at the home.
ENTERPRISES There are several companies that support Good Hope. Together with private sponsors, these businesses constitute the day-to-day running of this home. BECOMING A PART OF THE HOME